A lobbyist is paid to influence lawmakers. The Status Quo Lobby has long claimed to lobby in the name of helping kids. But the Status Quo Lobby itself typically has the most to win or lose – in terms of money or power – when it shows up to a hearing for proposed laws. While children’s futures are at stake, the choices legislators make today often have a delayed impact for kids. The Status Quo Lobby, however, often sees a quick impact to its bottom line.

Who is the lobby? With only few exceptions, it is mostly highly paid employees of the OEA (Oregon Education Association, a union), the Confederation of School Administrators, and the OSEA (Oregon School Employees Association, a union).

This is acknowledged by liberals and conservatives alike, but far too many people still think these lobbyists are just in it “for the kids.” Make no mistake, huge financial interests rest on the bulk of the laws for which they lobby.

The Status Quo Lobby is by far the biggest contributor to political campaigns in Oregon. Read more at followthemoney.org.

*Listen to the OEA lobbyist admitting that its proposed legislation would shut down kids’ online charter schools and limit choice in the Q&A starting at 42:47.