In the words of one long-time Salem lobbyist, “Don’t you know? This is the house the OEA built.”

Every child in America should graduate from high school ready for life. But for too long children have fallen through the cracks of a broken system – a system driven by many powerful interests.

Politics, money, and power control the decisions about how Oregon’s schools and classrooms operate. The Status Quo Lobby has long been the most powerful political force driving education decisions in our state. While many children continue to fall through the cracks, the Status Quo Lobby fights for more of the same: more powerless parents, more powerless principals, more hamstrung teachers, more spending, more control over the decisions parents can make for their children.

This website will show you who the Status Quo Lobby is, how it affects kids’ educational opportunities through the political process, why the status quo (more of the same) in education is a problem, and how to solve the problems that plague the system. In short, you are the solution and the only political force more powerful than the Status Quo Lobby. Thus, this website will give you a clear view of the problem, the key players, how to hold them accountable, and how to bring kids a better education.